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so in love with asian kung fu generation. which, granted, is not new news, but should be said nonetheless.
also, learning kana is hard. just to share that info as well.
the election went nicely, except i was sad to hear about california. poorface.
freaky weather for november, but then again, october was rather strange as well. perhaps november is acting strange to keep october company?
going to study japanese in japan in january. should be a good time.
other than that, i suggest the song "last scene" by akfg, if you need one to start off with.
ja ne.
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was curious as to where and what jade actually was, so i researched a bit. if you would like to know, try here.
going to the doc's tomorrow. should finally see what's up.
raining lots. i like the rain.
leaves are changing.
might go to school in hawaii. cool, huh?

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Ahoy mi maties and mi swarthy landlubbers! May the sea swells be kind to ye this day, as it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrgh! If ye be near, set ye sails toward me and capitan'll test ye savvies with ye tongue. Arrgh!

(i didn't have a really good picture for today, so i choose the witchey one)

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spent all day looking around online for jobs/internships, etc. also, send in requests for transcripts.
finding a job is hard.
i really dislike websites that don't make sense and are really confusing.
fastweb confuses me.
anyone ever tried monster or the other job sites? any good ones?
also, know anything about TEFL certification? 'cause i think i might get it.
what else?
fall is here. love fall. crisp air, pretty sunsets and soon - the leaves!
what should i be for halloween?  <- most important question. october is close!
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&quot;Every so often night plays these little tricks. A knot of air pushes quietly through the darkness, and a feeling that has converged in some far-off place tumbles down like a falling star and lands just in front of you, and then you wake up. Two people live the same dream. All this takes place in the space of a single night, and the feeling only lasts until morning. The next morning it gets lost in the light, and you're no longer even sure it happened. But nights like this are long. They continue forever, glittering like a jewel."

(Banana Yoshimoto's "Goodbye Tsugumi")

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learning japanese from www.livemocha.com
you should check it out if you want to learn a language. not half bad.
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memo: gone dancing in the rain. be back when i'm back.
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was in london a year ago. suxors. i wish i was in japan.
on a somewhat related note, making okonomiyaki is hard.
though it is delicious and worth all the effort and craziness of preparation.
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SIP presentation this Saturday, 11 o'clock in the morning in Humphrey House. I'm reading first, if you would like to hear part of my novella and a short bit about the research that went into it.
Possibility that there will be good food there too.
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just saw Iron Man. loved it.
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